Design Patterns In Action: The Factory

Welcome to the neon-lit streets of CyberCircle City, where the circles are always round and the factories are always running. Today we’re going to take a trip down to the Circle Factory district, where the CircleShapeFactory reigns supreme, creating perfectly round circles faster than you can say “holographic advertisements.”

With the factory pattern, you’ll be able to create objects quickly and efficiently.

So KISS your leather trenchcoat goodbye, and join us as we delve deeper into the SOLID alleys of the CyberCircle City, and discover the power of the factory pattern.

Starting with our CircleShape class:

class CircleShape {
    private $radius;
    private $color;
    private $opacity;
    private $saturation;

    public function __construct($options) {
        $this->radius = $options['radius'];
        $this->color = $options['color'] ?? 'black';
        $this->opacity = $options['opacity'] ?? 1;
        $this->saturation = $options['saturation'] ?? 1;

    public function calculateArea() {
        return pi() * pow($this->radius, 2);

    public function setColor($color) {
        $this->color = $color;

    public function getColor() {
        return $this->color;

    public function setOpacity($opacity) {
        $this->opacity = $opacity;

    public function getOpacity() {
        return $this->opacity;

    public function setSaturation($saturation) {
        $this->saturation = $saturation;

    public function getSaturation() {
        return $this->saturation;

Now for the factory class:

class CircleShapeFactory {
    public function create($count = 1) {
        $circles = array();
        for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++) {
            $circles[] = new CircleShape(array(
                'radius' => rand(1, 10),
                'color'=> '#'.dechex(rand(0x000000, 0xFFFFFF)),
                'opacity'=> rand(0, 1),
                'saturation'=> rand(0, 1)
        return $circles;

This factory is like a cyberpunk’s dream, creating circles with the precision and speed of a quantum computer. It’s like having your own personal Circle Bot, pumping out circles faster than you can say “Neon-lit streets.”

$factory = new CircleShapeFactory();

// Create a few thousand awesome circles using randomized parameters with our factory, because, why not?

$circles = $factory->create(4000);

// View the circles in all their glory:

foreach ($circles as $circle) {
    echo "Area: " . $circle->calculateArea() . "\n";
    echo "Color: " . $circle->getColor() . "\n";
    echo "Opacity: " . $circle->getOpacity() . "\n";
    echo "Saturation: " . $circle->getSaturation() . "\n";

The CircleShapeFactory is the ultimate tool for any cyberpunk in need of a steady supply of circles. Whether you need circles for your flying car, cybernetic implants, or to throw at rogue AI’s, this factory has got you covered.

So don’t be left in the neon-lit streets with circles that are anything less than perfect, head down to the Circle Factory district and get your hands on a CircleShapeFactory today. And remember, in CyberCircle City, “A circle a day, keeps the rogue AI’s at bay”.

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