Bootstrap 5 vs Tailwind CSS

A comparison of Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap CSS.

We’ve designed a page that is typical of a simple product grid layout with some working filters using both Tailwind and Bootstrap. The primary objective is to compare the experience of using the two CSS frameworks. Also, we’re comparing the common tech stacks they are associated with. While we’re just scratching the surface here, we do get a general idea of how they match up.

Tech stack for Bootstrap:

  • Bootstrap 5
  • Laravel 9
  • jQuery
  • MySQL

Tech stack for Tailwind:

  • Tailwind V3.2.4
  • Laravel 9
  • VUE JS 3
  • Inertia JS
  • MySQL

The finished designs aren’t identical, but they’re close enough to accomplish what we wanted. You can see the pages here:

What’s the difference between Bootstrap and Tailwind?

Tailwind is described as a ‘utility-first’ framework whilst Bootstrap is a ‘component-based’ framework. In Bootstrap we find ourselves reaching for ready made components such as cards, tabs, menus, etc. that promote a bit of laziness when it comes to customizing. In Tailwind we tend to get in a groove of using and exploring the various utility classes to achieve our goals. Tailwind seems to be a bit more of a fluid, smoother experience to achieve a customized result.

Download the project files from Github and compare for yourself: